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    B Costeloe commented  · 

    Yeah, it's crazy this hasn't been thought of. As a developer...if I want to export all the CORRECT raw assets (which designers don't seem to have a grasp of in many cases), I have to open up every single layer, component, group, etc and deselect everything one by one because so many designers have already "marked" objects/groups for export that don't export in a way that's useful for html/css etc. I don't understand how a company that is comprised of software developers and graphics professionals haven't thought of a scenario where anyone might want to reset all previously/erroneously marked for export objects all at once TO SAVE TIME? Anyway...I'm on a rant here because I just spent 25 minutes going through a wireframe XD file trying to find all the assets that need to be marked and unmarked. What a PITA.

    While I'm here...another suggestion along these lines: why not allow us to simply select "ALL bitmap images" or "All vector graphics" and allow us to export them en masse? I mean, this is a wireframing/prototyping tool right? What do they think happens when the "designer" hands off an XD file to the developer? The developer obviously has to export ALL bitmaps, and ALL scalable graphics (at a minimum). Why does Adobe make this so GD difficult? I like to get sh*t done...not mouse-click my way through the designer's organizational hierarchies (or lack-thereof) one by fricking one. Ok, now my rant really is over.