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    The feature that allows you to control the position of stroke: inside/center/outside was started and it will be available in the future versions of Adobe XD. Will let you know once the feature becomes available.


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    kardan kardan commented  · 

    The author of this post highlights a suboptimal aspect of Adobe Creative Design's SVG export feature. While the tool supports SVG export, the resulting SVG may contain unnecessary elements, which can be time-consuming for developers to clean up. The author provides sample files to demonstrate the difference between the exported SVG and a manually edited SVG that yields the same result but is cleaner.

    The author suggests that a cleaner SVG export would be more beneficial for developers, as it would enable them to easily export portions of a canvas as SVG and wrap it up in Angular or React components. This would save developers time and effort in scanning through the SVG and removing unnecessary elements or rearranging them.

    Overall, this post highlights the importance of efficient and clean SVG exports, which can greatly benefit developers and improve their workflow.

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