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I just gave Adobe XD a try, and I have to say- I think it's a great start toward something I might use, but needs a vast amount of work in order to be a truly valuable tool. As a full-time UX/UI Designer, let me tell you what I'd like to see added to this program:

-The ability to, not only navigate form one page to another, but to add custom animations to that navigation (beyond just "push left" "dissolve" etc).

-The ability to create animations based on user behavior on a single page. For example, when a user taps this object, cue this animation.

-The ability to push my prototype out to an audience pool (like when using Survey Monkey) to get feedback from my main user groups- complete with standard texting set ups like A/B.

-The ability, within that test, to track taps, time how long it takes for users to complete interactions, and create metrics and graphs from that data to show stakeholders.

If these things were possible with Adobe XD, it would be the most valuable web/mobile design tool on the market, and I would use it every single day. No one is offering all of this in one tool. Make it happen! ;)

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We’re trying to keep the requests granular so that we can more easily aggregate feedback and get your vote counted correctly. I’m seeing four requests in here, some of which are already in the database. Please do upvote and add additional suggestions!

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