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    Felix commented  · 


    I would like to see an overhaul of the Desktop Preview recording function in Adobe XD on PC. The request, in short, is to bring in the same functionality the iOS version has.

    If you are already familiar with it then by all means, you are free to stop reading here. At your leisure however I will describe where I am coming from and why a change in XD is needed to meet market standards.

    I work at a design firm with a history in product design, which is leaning more and more into digital integration and display interfaces. We supply GUI (graphic user interface) design and UX (user experience) through flowcharts to our costumers. With recent trends in mind, more effort is expected in terms of GUI movement and transitions. As such we turned to:



    Adobe XD

    Upon evaluating the three we choose to go with XD. Workflow and Adobe CC integration fits our model and while Figma does a good job of rapid prototyping and might win out in the long run, we felt Adobe was the place to go to for now. Jumping in with both feet at this point.

    However, as we began making prototypes it turned out there was no handy way to export a file-based presentation of the workflow. Live demos through Desktop Preview (DP) - no problem. But for exporting and saving a file for later review or for presenting in our portfolio there is simply no reasonable solution.

    In the Windows version you cannot export your actions in the DP. Instead you are encouraged to use Win+G to run an external capture software supplied through Windows 10. Here is a short list of drawbacks for us:

    -Low resolution

    -Standard windows cursor, with no 'click' animation

    -Status bar appears on the top part of the video file

    The workaround is obviously to import the video file into Adobe After Effects and crop out the status bar. Only, the file is mp4 - a format which results in a black screen in AE and needs to be converted in Adobe Bridge before you can even begin tinkering with it. I would claim that some quality of the video is lost there, but it is hard to tell since it lacked quality to begin with.

    As a design firm this is simply not workable for us and the fact that the easiest solution seems to be to purchase an Apple product - a platform with support for in-app video capture (paired with intuitive cursor visualization etc.) - feels backwards, to say the least.

    While looking for a reasonable solution to this I found there is input on this lack of functionality dating back to 2018, yet nothing has been done in the past two years to meet these requests.

    In the end the time we might save working with XD in regards to its overall nice workflow and design does not justify the time it takes to export visualizations.

    Surely the market standard demands more? Is there a solution in the works?

    // Felix

    Felix supported this idea  ·