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    Velara 3 commented  · 

    A few commenters are mentioning web tools can't produce production ready code. I'd like to comment on that.

    As many of you already know web design and web development is a process that starts from a sketch or idea to a production ready site or application.

    More than a few people on this feature request have mentioned that they don't think it's possible for an application to export to a production ready site. In my opinion it depends what your end goal is. In the past authoring tools did not have the feedback and integration that we have today.

    When you take a design and put it online you usually go through the designer developer workflow. That includes discovery, prototyping, reviews, wiring it up, more reviews, staging, more reviews, and then production.

    Some authoring tools will help you through a part of that workflow, some help you through a many steps of that workflow. So it really depends on the project requirements if an authoring tool can accomplish what you need. Do you need a static site, responsive site, desktop, mobile, CMS theme, etc? Do you need to hire a developer?

    I've worked on and with graphic design teams that our job was to convert prototypes to a working interactive sites or applications. So the code that I've worked on exporting is based on that experience. That is to make it clean, address the needs of developers who you may need to work with and support existing workflows.

    If you need to export to web, check out the web export plugins on the plugin manager and if they don't fulfill your needs email their developers and tell them what you need. They would most likely like to address your needs rather than be dismissed.

    Disclaimer: I'm a developer on one of the web exporting plugins