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    Mark Webster (Adobe) commented  · 

    It's tricky. Trying to stay synced with different devices over time is nearly impossible to do, as they're moving so quickly. And voice/speech in XD is used for much more than just device-specific projects, so we keep it as free-form as possible (much like how the visual capabilities in XD are independent of any specific platform or device).

    Animation is a good example. When we first built the integration, Alexa didn't support animations at all. Around the same time as our launch, they just introduced some basic animation capabilities. Mapping XD's auto-animate options to Alexa would take a ton of engineering effort, probably wouldn't work to well, and would continually change/break with no warning. As of right now, our team doesn't have plans to support animation in Alexa (though a third-party developer could build a plugin that does this if they wanted to.)

    Supporting new/emerging media definitely isn't easy, but XD is committed to continually finding ways to bring designers capabilities they haven't had before. There's bound to be hiccups, but we're trying our best ;)

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    Mark Webster (Adobe) commented  · 

    Hey Shawn, sorry to hear this was causing you problems.

    Amazon Alexa requires a speech response to be delivered alongside a visual response, hence the requirement that there is a speech playback action on each artboard. When you don't have a speech playback action on every artboard and you attempt to export, we show a message that says "Amazon Alexa requires speech playback for each visual response sent to a device. Make sure each artboard in the prototype has a speech playback response."

    However, if you add an invalid response (like space, $, &, etc), we are showing a generic export error message. We should definitely improve that messaging, and I've added this to our backlog.

    I'm not sure why adding just a space ever worked. It shouldn't have. I looked back and we added that validation back in June, pre-launch. And yep, I just tested across mac and Windows, and confirms that it isn't working and shows the error.

    Apologies again for any issues this caused...