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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I object to my idea (logical operators for voice triggers that are in the trigger syntax) being merged with this post.

    - My idea is low-hanging fruit that could be implemented very quickly.
    - The post my idea has been merged with is on a GENERAL solution to logic, which may be months or years away from being implemented

    Koen van Niekerk

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be great to have logical operators (AND/OR/NOT etc.) for voice triggers.
    - Suppose your prototype asks your user to choose from 3 options (e.g. flavors)
    - Suppose only 3 options are available (Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla)
    - Suppose the user responds (voice) with something else than these 3 options
    - Suppose you want your prototype to respond "We don't have that, please choose between Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla"
    The amount of "wrong" responses is infinite, so you cannot make a trigger for the whole dictionary. But what if:
    You can combine voice triggers in an OR function:
    trigger : voice
    command : strawberry OR chocolate OR vanilla
    voice response : coming up!
    And cover all other scenarios in a NOT function:
    trigger : voice
    command : NOT strawberry NOT chocolate NOT banana
    voice response : I did't get that, please choose between strawberry, chocolate and vanilla
    Possibilities would be almost endless!!
    BTW the prototype I attached ONLY responds to the 3 flavors. Saying something else does not trigger a response...
    Koen van Niekerk
    UX Director, VanBerlo

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