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    Daniel Galan commented  · 

    Hello Elaine. Thanks for the video. However, that is not what I meant to say.
    The feature I am talking about allows the user to change an entire font in a document, regardless of how many components are in the document.

    For instance, if I have:
    1000 button labels using Helvetica Neue Light at 20pt
    400 text strings using Helvetica Neue Light at 12pt,
    100 text strings using Helvetica Neue BOLD at 10pt , and
    50 text paragraphs using Helvetica Neue Light at 8pt

    And now lets say that I decide to change my font to Roboto Condensed Light for all the assets with light font but not the ones with bold font. Based on your recommendation, it would take me a whole day to do this task because I would have to hunt the assets and change the font 1450 times.

    Another scenario would be that I opened my XD file in a computer that does not have Helvetica Neue Light. XD would tell me that the font is missing and if I have another font in that computer that I would like to replace it with, I would have to go at it 1450 times to replace the font in all the assets I mentioned before.

    In Illustrator, we can just open the Find Font dialog and change all 1450 assets to another font with like 6 clicks, and it would take about 10 seconds to happen. These 1450 assets also would keep their particular customization details like size, tracking and leading because Find Font only changes the font, not the size or other details.

    Daniel Galan shared this idea  ·