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    Bruno Marcos commented  · 

    I found a solution. Download Autohotkey v1, create a file with whatevername.ahk
    It must end with .ahk, then double click to run.

    Send, ^{, down}
    sleep, 100
    Send, ^{, up}

    What it does: I press ' and it triggers CTRL + , (the shortcut to show/hide elements). Now I cant tap with one finger! You can edit by replacing ' with the key you want to press, and edit "Send" to do whatever you want.

    ^ means CTRL which you can remove if you want and leave just what is inside the { }.
    "down" means the key is pressed.
    "up" means key is released.
    , can be replaced with the key you want to send when you press ' or whatever key you put in it's place.

    Type ahk key list to see all the keys, this includes mouse too.

    I'm from Brazil, sorry for the bad english :(