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    Brittany commented  · 

    I agree with all the comments below. This needs to be addressed ASAP! It would have been nice for a warning or if the link would have been saved to the file, even after renaming.

    I just had this problem with a high-profile client. I got the approval for my prototype so I pulled the link to get it to my director ASAP (we were under a time constraint.) AFTER, I resaved my file (under the final version name) because it was approved and I like to stay organized (files build up fast.) Not knowing that since I saved it after it would delete the link, usually if you make an edit to a file and save it, those changes save to the file (so weird to think it deletes it?) where I can no longer modify that link...

    So, now I will need to send out a NEW link, just in case I need to make small edits. This does not look good on me. I really wish there would have been a warning before renaming. Because I now do not have the original file where the link was located. I saved over the name.

    Yes, I learned a lesson, save first under my final version name and then pull the link but I was in a rush to get this to the client. But a warning would have been nice and saved me the embarrassment.

    Also, even to better improve. It would be nice, when you look at your "manage links" it can tell you the name of the file and where it came from.. or even have the file linked to the link. For quick access and editing so it is all saved in one location. I know that would be helpful for me personally, more ways to stay organized. Less time looking for old prototype files, with a link in it.

    Brittany supported this idea  ·