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    Jim Olson commented  · 

    "Can you please describe more how you would like it to work?"

    So thinking through on the end result, Currently once you build something in XD, you can display it on screen or export the entire thing as a PNG. The feature to do individual PNGs doesn't make sense as everything that is created in XD should be built in pure CSS, and anything that isn't CSS was probably imported into XD to begin with.

    So once something that was built in XD and approved, what are the next steps? In our company, I, as the UI Designer, would pass the design off to the developers with markup on what it takes to build said design (colors, fonts, sizes, responsive break points, animations, etc.)

    In order to do this, I have to select each item, get the sizes (sometimes converting them to proportions), click on the color to grab the hex code, click on each font to get the color/size, etc. I then have to place all this information into another document outside of XD for the developers to reference. And if there is a change, it's a manual process to update that document (changing it in XD, then manually changing it in the Design Document).

    XD would work well in Agile method so far, if there wasn't such a heavy burden on putting together the Design Document after. If there was a way for the developers to reference the items in XD, it would make XD a staple in the design process. Right now, it is just a novelty.

    Hope that helps.

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    Jim Olson commented  · 

    Absolutely. In our team workflow, we generate a rapid prototype in XD, but then have to recreate the entire design in another program to add markup for the developers, or create a style guide for them to follow manually (which is hard to do in XD, since the hex color value isn't displayed in the interface). So exporting to base html would give the developers the ability to identify fonts, colors, spacing, etc, while keeping with the rapid prototyping theme.

    Jim Olson supported this idea  ·