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    Arthur Dickerson commented  · 

    Hey Adobe guys - are you reading these posts? Can we get some feedback from you on the future position of this tool? Here's the deal - and I think I may speak for a bunch of us on this specific thread. We like XD. We like the environment. We LOVE the potential is has. But right now, most of us have to stop using it mid-stream cause we have actual work to do. That is: we have to show animated transition states. We have to display rich text in a text box. We have to come up with a way to impress clients with more than static screens. How about a timeline - you're so good at timelines!

    Please get XD to do more. We will follow. We really like this software - but the feature set is slim compared to other much less adept tools (InVision, I am looking at you). Please let us know you are taking this feedback and running with it.

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    Arthur Dickerson commented  · 

    I'd like to be able to transition an item on screen to a different state, via an animation. For example, a close affordance would change into an open affordance, or a hamburger menu, would change into a different control, and possibly have a different target/action.

    This also touches upon being able to use state-transitions within the same view, to animate objects on screen, such as expanding or collapsing regions, revealing hidden content, filter controls, or fly-outs.

    Arthur Dickerson supported this idea  ·