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    noah supported this idea  · 
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    noah commented  · 

    建议可以在fix position when scrolling后边添加一个参数,设置该元素滚动速率,比如在fix position when scrolling选种状态下,后边增加一个百分比,默认为 0%,证明不滚动,如果调整数值到 1%~99% 之间,可以让该元素随页面滚动的速率降至1%~99%之间,如果填写100%那么直接就取消 fix position when scrolling 这个选项的选种状态即可。

    En:I suggest that you can add a parameter after fix position when scrolling to set the scrolling rate of the element. For example, in the selected state of fix position when scrolling, the back increases by a percentage, the default is 0%, which proves that no scrolling, if the value is adjusted to 1% Between ~99%, you can reduce the element's rate of scrolling with the page to between 1% and 99%. If you fill in 100%, you can directly cancel the selection status of the option “fix position when scrolling”.