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    Seth Hardy commented  · 

    Furthermore, how do I access Cloud documents when I'm working offline? I often find myself working in places where I either can't access the internet, or don't want to connect my work laptop to an unsecured network. In these instances, I can't run any of my files because my default behavior is to save my work to the internet. I don't think it's a stretch to say the majority of your users are using laptops on wifi.

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    Seth Hardy commented  · 

    The functionality for Cmd+Shift+S was changed recently to be the default keyboard shortcut for Save As a Cloud Document. Previously, this keyboard shortcut allowed you to choose between saving to the cloud or saving locally, and it would remember your preference and prompt you to do the same in the future. This was a good experience.

    The keyboard shortcut was then changed to be a singluar action for saving to the cloud. Why? I don't want to save to the cloud, so now I have to unlearn a keyboard shortcut that has been 'save a local copy' for the 20 years I have been using Adobe software. I am also not given the ability to change my keyboard shortcuts, which is the standard in other Adobe applications, so I cannot remedy the problem myself. This is a bad experience. I'm already backing up and syincing my files to the cloud and other machines using the CC Desktop functionality. There are also implications here for the IT team at my organization because they are no longer recieving these backed-up local XD files, instead they are off in a third party location.

    I would like the option to configure CMD+Shift+S to choose between a default behavior of saving locally or saving to the cloud, or I would like the change reverted all together and the UI to choose between saving locally or to the cloud re-implemented behind one shortcut.

    Seth Hardy supported this idea  ·