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Adobe XD: Feature Requests

We love to get feature requests for Adobe XD! You can view existing feature requests, vote on them and add your comments, or you can submit a new feature request.

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Adobe XD: Feature Requests


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  1. Adobe Creative Design supports svg export which is great, but the resulting svg is a little bit suboptimal. For example, if i create a simple circle, give it a stroke-width of 4 with some color and a fill
    the resulting svg contains a group element containing 2 circles, one with a fill and the other with a stroke.

    It would be great if the exported svg could be cleaner. I attached some sample files. the "exported.svg" is the file exported from Adobe XD, the "edited.svg" contains the svg, which yields the same result but is cleaner.

    A cleaner…

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    The feature that allows you to control the position of stroke: inside/center/outside was started and it will be available in the future versions of Adobe XD. Will let you know once the feature becomes available.


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