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Adobe XD: Feature Requests (Read-Only)


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  1. [Windows] Exporting from Xd (.svg) to Adobe Illustrator - Blur Not Showing

    Xd Version: Beta, CS
    Adobe Illustrator Version : 21.1.0 (64-bit)
    Windows 10 Home
    Version 1703
    OS Build 15063.608

    1. Create any 2 shapes in Xd. Make them any color but white.
    2. Create a 3rd shape and overlay(top layer)that so the previous two shapes are totally covered
    3. Select this 3rd shape and apply blur (amount: 8 | brightness: 0 | opacity: 0%)
    4. Select page
    5. Export .svg (embed image)
    6. Open .svg in Adobe Illustrator

    No blur. See Ai_NoBlur.png

    Expected Result
    1. I made a group

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    Blur for the exported SVG will be implemented in a future version of XD. Will let you know once that is publicly available.