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    Jammy Dodger commented  · 

    FFS! This is seems so basic. Powerpoint had this feature years and years ago. My guess is: ADOBE CAN"T DO IT. Why else would they be dragging their feet on this? They have moved newer, lower priority items into their backlog. This remains permanently "feature-under-review" 4 years of this, it's a joke. If you can't (for some reason) implement this feature, come clean and admit it. Then i can stop wasting my time coming on this forum every few weeks to check, be disappointed and leave another negative comment. Also i am going to make an ACCUSATION that may sound a bit crazy and far fetched but before people dismiss it out of hand please read through...Are Adobe are suppressing this feature? How? They are manipulating the vote counts (sounds crazy, take off your tin foil hat you say) well a cursory look at all of the top voted features show (excluding the top voted feature) that they have significantly less comments then this feature request, FISHY! It seems that the next most feature request to this one has only 40 less votes but more than half the comments. To me it would seem obvious that there is a correlation between comments and votes. So there is my wild-eyed, covid-19, lockdown induced theory. FFS just either come clean and admit there is some reason you can't do this or (even better) DO IT!

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