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    Duane Kithinji commented  · 

    Hey,....tried to post this here but voting is disabled.

    So this looks like the next most appropriate place...


    Hey XD team. Great work with XD. Love it. Thank you. Keep it up.

    Wasting incredible amounts of time designing tables -- even when using repeat grids. Spending tonnes of time on table fit & finish.

    Something that takes me a few minutes in Excel can take me half an hour in XD.

    Assuming you brave it out and get your table done just how you want it, God forbid that you should have to make changes to it. Worse yet, across multiple artboards. Yes; components; but no, those don't work as well as advertised in this scenario.

    It's so bad, I have to use Excel as my "rapid prototyping tool" for table view UI design, then find a way to move those to Adobe XD (currently manual)🙈.

    I'd like a tool where I can drop a table quickly, define rows and columns, populate data (manually or linked/imported), move around my columns and rows to fit the data how I want, set different properties for each cell, tables lines, borders etc, add images into cells etc... Basically anything I can do in excel with table design, I would like to do in XD.

    I've spent the whole day just trying to figure out how to put together a substantial table design with cells that have sub-categories in XD, -- 8 hours. Finally just chosen to do it in excel :o 🤦🏾‍♂️.

    I'd like a tool in XD that doesn't stand in the way of my creativity. Something that gets out of my way, and just allows my thoughts to flow freely -- at the speed of thought.

    This is needed -- bad!

    Please help! :(