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    Can you tell us more about how you’d like this to work? Do you want XD to export image assets and insert them directly into the correct folders/filenames in an existing Xcode project? Or do you want XD to generate Objective-C / Swift code to create a brand new Xcode project?

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    Reinis commented  · 

    So I recently started learning app design. But I found android studio designing experience not to be very intuitive. Then I found out about Xd app layout designing and I found it very easy to use. But again by some unknown reasons you haven't made fully functional. 

    So basically you have missed the most important feature. That is to simply allow user go to Menu->Export-> Android studio or Xcode (Obviously export selected and so on)

    Users could simply design an app in adobe Xd and export design to an android studio in the form of a project folder that contains all the files with assets in various dpi (what is available now).

    Don't export it as screens but each individual icon and every asset in all dpi resolutions. I'm only learning 

    Buttons, input fields, and all interactive things must be exported in XML Files. Because someone has to basically this same thing this same thing twice with every single element. This is a must. Otherwise, you design it once in adobe Xd and then I have to redesign it again in Android studio exactly the same way with the same look and even functionality? 

    Even linking can be generated with one line of code. You got all the variables. I cant understand. Why this is not a thing?

    Generate transition animations with javascript. 

    Why do I have to download some plugins to do this from someone that cant invests money in this like Adobe and make it work flawlessly? So people don't have to do a job twice. 

    A user could define the functionality for on asset as "button", "Image view",'' input field'', "background-color", "Text" and so on . Code could be generated for all assets that are linked to that asset. You don have to offer as many features as Android studio. Someone has to design exactly the same thing in XML code but you offer conversational design programming that we cant use in our projects because you don't convert your code that shows us graphics on our screens into XML that can be used in the actual design.

    Thank you

    Reinis supported this idea  ·