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    Tasha commented  · 

    @Arun Kaza thank you for informing me that exporting pdf in 1 file exists! I just updated XD and the option is there.

    I hope the adobe XD team will consider point 2, 3, and making XD compatible to illustrator because I think it will really address the need of adobe XD users who can't share their prototypes through cloud to developers due to confidentiality.

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    Tasha commented  · 

    I need a way to share my prototypes to clients and it cannot be done through clouds. Here are some improvements that would really help with Adobe XD UX.

    1. Like illustrator, Adobe XD should be able to export all their artboards into 1 pdf.

    2. It would be a bigger plus if all the prototype interaction links are also integrated in that export. Adobe Acrobat has the capability of allowing user to click through a pdf doc and jump from page to page. By adding all the interaction links, I wont have to worry about messing up or missing the links.

    3. What would be an even bigger plus is if when exporting as pdf, that XD will auto generate art boards that feature the overlays so that if the previous 2 suggestions happen, the user wouldn't have to worry about missing important interactions..

    If you could even just do the first one, it would already be a big improvement. Copying XD items into illustrator doesn't always work and things shift. (Can we also make moving from XD to illustrator more compatible? ) These are all adobe software and it would be awesome to see them being able to interact with each other.

    Tasha supported this idea  · 

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