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    Can you tell us more about how you’d like this to work? Do you want XD to export image assets and insert them directly into the correct folders/filenames in an existing Xcode project? Or do you want XD to generate Objective-C / Swift code to create a brand new Xcode project?

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    Marcos Ravena commented  · 

    Hello, guys. In my brief search for something like that, I have found some tools that export PSD layouts to XCode (you need prepare your PSD file with some commands and name of layers to work fine).

    My point is: I knew recently a site that converts XD files to PSD files. Like magic, simple and quick. Sometimes you just need make few adjustments in texts if you are using non default fonts.

    So, with your XD file converted to a PSD file, you just need to convert it to XCode project. In theory. I don't test it. But...

    You can think: "so, would be more simple if I just make my layout directly in Photoshop?"
    The quick answer is YES!
    But, a lot of people are using XD to make prototypes, with navigation, interactions etc. Photoshop can't do that.

    Anyway, just sharing a possibility that came in my mind.

    Best regards!