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    palenoue commented  · 

    What comes after "wearable" tech? Hearable tech, or rather, using ear-worn devices to interact with mobile apps and web sites. According to Gartner hearable will be the next big thing

    And Adobe has nothing for this. XD and Muse are totally silent, Dreamweaver is designed to ignore sound. Adobe is so focused on the visuals they totally overlook those things called "ears" that everybody has, at least when it comes to mobile and web design.

    So what are we to do when "hearables" become popular? Obviously we can't do anything using Adobe apps. Try designing an app in XD that uses audio cues. You can't. Try making something like this ( using Muse or Dreamweaver, it will take you ten times longer than hard-coding it all from scratch in Javascript.

    I've lost clients due to Adobe's stubborn belief that all mobile and web design must be completely devoid of sound. When they release Aero it will be totally silent as well, much to the dismay of designers who want to put sound into their AR projects.

    The mobile and internet world is going to embrace audio soon, and Adobe refuses to help us be part of it.

    palenoue supported this idea  · 
    palenoue commented  · 

    Ever try to make something like this with Adobe apps:

    You can't. Adobe refuses to allow audio in their mobile/web apps. How many clients are lost due to this arbitrary decision? Lost yet another potential client due to Adobe's stubborn refusal to acknowledge ears.

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