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    Luke Carter commented  · 

    Hi Adobe XD'ers!

    I made some AppleScripts that will transform a selected text box to lowercase or uppercase.
    Next, using BetterTouchTool, I assigned the AppleScripts to a 'key sequence'.

    Here's how I did it:

    Here are the scripts: and

    The step by step is below.
    How to create custom keyboard shortcuts for transforming text to uppercase or lowercase in Adobe XD for Mac.

    Prerequisite: Install BetterTouchTool:

    I'll do uppercase first.

    Grab the AppleScript from

    Paste it in a text editor or a Script Editor and save the script file in a home of its own.

    Open BetterTouchTool

    Create an App Specific Shortcut for Adobe XD

    Then click Add New Shortcut or Key Sequence

    I'm going to create a new key sequence instead of a keyboard shortcut. A key sequence triggers an action based on a sequence of keys rather than pushing a combination at the same time.

    Don't worry it's easy!

    Click Key Sequence > Record New Key Sequence

    The key sequence I'll record will be ⌘ u c
    (for uppercase).

    Choose Trigger Predefined Action and search for AppleScript (blocking or async is fine)

    Choose Select AppleScript File > Choose AppleScript File from Disk

    Navigate to the home of the AppleScript file

    Select Save, then restart BetterTouchTool

    Let's test it out.

    Go to Adobe XD

    Make a text box

    Make sure you exit the edit mode for Adobe XD

    Trigger the key sequence ⌘ u c (remember, one then the other, not all together).

    Yay she works!

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