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    Can you tell us more about how you’d like this to work? Do you want XD to export image assets and insert them directly into the correct folders/filenames in an existing Xcode project? Or do you want XD to generate Objective-C / Swift code to create a brand new Xcode project?

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    Viacheslav commented  · 

    It could be a new XCode project so to not mess up with current one, where text would be converted to UILabel, and if this label is in Navigation bar group and it's positioned in a centre - it could be recognized as NavigationBar Title with all it's properties.

    Instead of transferring navigation bar background as an image –> to rebuild it using native tools.

    If it's vector graphic shape –> to store it in assets as pdf.

    So it could be a step further. So developers will have some base point from which to start. Colors, fonts, sizes. Of course it should be some additional work with auto layout features, but it will be better to refer an example from the native iOS environment, instead of tinkering around in different prototyping tools, and design descriptions.

    In this sort of way the gap between designer and developer could be vastly narrowed.