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    Just lost a potential job today because Adobe has this pathological hatred towards audio. Client likes my design work and creativity, wanted me to design an app that relies heavily on music and audio cues. Couldn't be done on Adobe apps so they went to a developer who charges a lot more and produces uninspired apps (seriously, their lackluster apps were the reason the clients came to me first.)

    What do we have to do to convince Adobe that audio is a valid tool for mobile/internet communication? A petition? Crowdfunding bribes? Boycott? Protests outside Adobe HQ? (we'll definitely have the best-designed placards) Many people have asked for sound tools in numerous Adobe apps but we get ignored, so what do we have to do for Adobe to take audio seriously?

    palenoue commented  · 

    Whenever I bring this subject up people always respond with "there was this one annoying web site some years ago" as definitive proof that Adobe is the protector of all that is good and decent on the internet and should be rewarded for their campaign to wipe out all audio from the internet. Well, I heard a bad song last year, so why doesn't Adobe go after music with the same fanaticism? Also there are misspellings and bad grammar on a few web sites, so why not outlaw text? While we're at it, I've experienced far more badly drawn artwork than I have too-loud audio files, so shouldn't Adobe eliminate all graphics as well?

    If you don't like sarcasm, tough. I've tried to be polite and respectful but Adobe completely ignores me so I'm trying something new.

    One last thought: have you ever considered the possibility that noisy web sites are so bad _because_ Adobe refuses to apply any standards or proper tools? You think that just maybe if Adobe added the same type of audio tools as they do graphic and text tools we might not have to deal with crappy third-party sloppy fixes that never work right?

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