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    Jochen commented  · 

    The Basic version should allow to export a prototype as HTML site. So for example when I export a smartphone app I should be able to run the app fullscreen in my smartphone browser.

    When it comes to multiscreen apps (e.g. a smartphone companion for a smart TV app) i need some method to sync events on both screens. (e.g. press the soccer button on the smartphone an see all soccer games available on the smart tv). While those scenarios are getting more and more and more relevant in many contexts (Smart Home, Connected Car, Multichannel retail etc.) they are still hard to prototype with todays tools.
    My current solution is to develop single Prototypes with framer and organize global events via MQTT( This works somehow, but it is still a programmers approach, where most VD's can't really work on a shared functional and VD prototype.
    So ideally I would :
    - Develop Prototypes for several Devices (eg. Smart Phone / Smart TV)
    - Refine Flows and VD with VD and UX Designers.
    - Be able to define shared events between both Prototypes and initiate state changes (If clicked this Button on the Smart Phone do this and that on the Smart Phone and the Smart TV).
    - Be able to test the Flow on both devices (e.g. one window for Smart Phone one for TV)
    - Export the Prototypes and run them Fullscreen in a Browser on different machines within a local network to be able to showcase, test and discuss the multiscreen experience.

    Jochen shared this idea  ·