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    Hi Matt,

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble using the sharing functionality in XD. If you can describe the issue you are seeing in a little more detail, I can help figure out what’s going on.

    From the subject of your post, it sounds like your published prototype or design spec does not contain all of the screens you expect it to?

    If that is the case, this is likely due to the fact that not all your screens are wired from the home artboard.

    When publishing, XD includes all artboards that are accessible FROM the home artboard. This means that if there is an artboard that is only wired TO the home artboard, or not wired at all, it won’t be included in the prototype.

    We have some enhancements in progress to help make this easier to understand and reduce the friction around sharing workflows in general.


    Hi Matt,
    Yes, it sounds like you only connected a subset of all your artboards to the home artboard, so only those will be published. XD publishes the home artboard - and anything connected to it - but not anything else. To publish ALL your artboards, you should either wire them all together in a way that provides a path from the home artboard, or remove all wires so none are connected.

    We have some enhancements planned for the sharing workflow that will provide more functionality in this area. Thanks for your feedback.

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    We’ll send you updates on this idea

    Sorry to hear there is some confusion. I believe your issue is related to the manner in which you connected artboards in your prototype. XD decides which artboards to upload as follows:

    - If none of the artboards are connected with wires, ALL artboards will be uploaded. Users can transition between artboards using the arrow buttons on the screen or on a keyboard.
    - If one more more artboards are connected, XD uploads only those artboards that are connected to the home artboard.

    For example, if you have a design file with artboards named:

    And artboard One is connected to artboards Three and Five – the prototype or spec you share will contain artboard One, Three and Five. Since artboards Two and Four aren’t connected to the home artboard, they will not be included in the prototype or spec.

    The first time you connect an element or artboard to another, the source artboard is automatically set as the home artboard. This is also the first screen you will see when your prototype loads.

    You can change the home artboard by clicking on the home artboard icon next to any artboard when it is selected in prototype mode.

    In your example, I suspect that you are only getting a subset of your artboards because they aren’t all connected to the flow from the home artboard. You can address this by adding more wires, or removing them all.

    If this doesn’t solve your problem, please comment here and we can explore further.

    Hi Jennifer,
    Would it be possible for you to send your XD file to so that we can investigate further?

    To be clear, you have found an artboard in your file that is not being uploaded as part of your prototype or spec AND is connected to the flow from the home artboard? To be connected to the home artboard, you should be able to trace the click it would take a user to access that artboard.

    For example, artboard one has a button that is linked to artboard three, and artboard three has a button that is connected to artboard six.

    One area that we have seen confusion in the past is that someone has wires such that artboard one is connected to artboard three, and artboard six is connected to artboard three. In this situation, artboard six is not in fact connected to the flow from artboard one, as there is no way to get to artboard six from artboard one. Is it possible that your design falls into this scenario?

    If you can share your XD file we can confirm what's going on and identify if there is a bug in XD or not. At the moment, I am unable to reproduce the behavior you are seeing.

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