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    Please note that stacks is a feature that is intended to be used at design time, and does not dynamically shift the stack in preview. I’m going to rewrite this particular request to be more precisely about the latter suggestion.

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    Payton commented  · 

    The Problem: I have two components A & B. In A's default state component B is y px beneath A. Component A size expands or contracts by z px and changes to a new state. Currently, component B is now y + z px from the bottom of component A.

    The Solution: Components that can change shape between states should "push or pull" other components by fixed padding defined assumed by the system or defined by the designer. This behavior should be able to be chained between multiple components & other objects.

    Applications: Expandable lists, expandable cards, & my quality of life improves.

    Savings: No need to create an endless number of artboards to express simple behavior between components or super long write-ups to hand off to a developer.

    Current Time Cost: Per component, n, that has a number of states, y, on the artboard a designer has to create (n*y)! number of artboards to describe the screen behavior. This is a massive pain in the butt! It costs countless hours of write-ups and reconciliation with developers.

    Payton supported this idea  ·