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[Windows] Adobe XD ignores Handwriting input settings on Windows 10 1809

There's an issue with Adobe XD on Windows 10 1809 that it ignores settings which disables handwriting input panel if system has Windows Ink enabled. Briefly said Adobe XD turns unusable with Windows Ink while using Wacom tablet.

I've been trying to analyze and fix these issues myself to no avail - Touch and Handwriting service set to disabled and not running, computer policy (gpedit.msc) set to disable input panel + handwriting panel set to docked mode. Result is that Adobe XD shows handwriting input panel even this feature is disabled in the system and ignores windows settings.

I consider this behavior as a bug. This bug is a real deal-breaker for me since it forces me to disable WIndows Ink each time I'm working with XD. Then please note it's only a part of my duties, I got a lot of other stuff to do, but I'm not able to multitask effectively because of turning Windows Ink on and off again and again.

Since Adobe XD is an UWP app it is impossible to set custom rules on my Wacom tablet to disable Windows Ink just for this app. Or at least I failed to do that.

To reproduce the issue:
1. Install Adobe XD (version on Windows 10 PC with 1809 version equipped with Wacom Intuos Pro tablet with latest drivers (version 6.3.32-4)
2. Make sure Windows Ink is enabled for all apps
3. Open Adobe XD
4. Create new document
5. Place any object on an Artboard
6. Select that object
7. Tap with Wacom Pen to any Adobe XD property input field - e.g. "W" (Width)
8. Issue: Handwriting panel is displayed even if it's disabled system wide (see description above)

What have I tried to resolve the issue on my end
- I've stopped and disabled the "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service" (TabletInputService)
- I've set the computer policy (both - system's and user's context) to disable Input panel from showing, and even so I've additionally set the handwriting input panel policy to dock the input panel to screen edge instead of float

Based on points above is seems that
- Adobe XD shows handwriting panel if Windows Ink (or Pen connected with Windows Ink) is detected
- Adobe XD ignores any system settings connected to Touch and Handwriting
- Adobe XD ignores settings to dock the input panel - it floats next to the focused input field no matter what
- Adobe XD shows up the handwriting panel even if it's disabled on a system wide level

Expected behavior would be:
- Adobe XD will not show the Handwriting Input Panel if the "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service" (TabletInputService) is disabled in the system - OR if system policy forces to disable using the input panel

PS: I'm fully aware that Wacom drivers are not the number one way how to work with Windows Ink, but the issue above has nothing in common with Wacom. It seems Adobe XD handles the touch input panels in its own way.

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Tom A shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Hello Tom!

Somehow this post got lost in the shuffle. My sincere apologies for the delayed reply! it looks like there may be two things here: Win10 1809 build updates to inking + XD being UWP app. From the discussions and review I had on my end, the behavior you describe in XD is same in other UWP apps for these devices.

All this said, wondering if there’s been further updates in the MS side that may have improved this. Do let me know.

Truly sorry for the inconvenience.



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