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XD Prototype tiny in browser(s)

Just updated XD today ( , now all prototypes (on Safari and Chrome) are showing a tiny thumbails.....is this ever going to work properly? This is the 4th issue in 1 week. crazy. Prototypes are so unreliable, it's impossible to share with clients....

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    Did all of what you suggested, but my artboards are 1366 w (which is XD non custom size) and still doesn't work. Is 1920 the only size that will allow prototypes to function correctly??

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    Hi, "Vertical scrolling" was already selected. The viewport height was set to the height of the artboard...I changed it to 1080...and same thing. The prototype still showed small (the entire layout was viewable in the browser)...so 1/4 of the size it should be.

    Anything else I can try?

    Note: sometimes if I create a new file > cut and paste the layout into new file the prototype works as it should. (but this is also random).

    thanks again

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    Hi just seeing your response now!

    link to current prototype:

    XD Version:
    Chrome: Version 70.0.3538.77
    Safari: Version 12.0.1
    Mac OS: 10.13.6

    Again, sometimes the full screen prototype works in Chrome (never in safari)....after lots of searching, I found that adding "?featureset=fullscreenScaleToFit&fullscreen" to the end of URL helps (but again not always). This seems to be a random problem which is very strange (some projects work, others do not).

    thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Update: created a new file, cut and pasted layout then prototype "worked"....still looks blurry however, and a couple graphics are 50% cut off randomly.

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