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A Way to Block Some Users from From Commenting

I had some issues with an employee who was commenting a storm of uneducated comments on some of my published prototypes.

The prototypes I post are mainly for handing off specs to developers and to discuss aspects of the UI with them. Other people outside this workflow are able and welcome to look at the prototypes. However, it is our expectation that people outside the Design-Dev relationship should refrain from making comments. If they do make a comment, they . should only make comments that pertain to their profession and not to propose design changes since they are not designers nor developers. We use a different platform for requesting design changes.

It was frustrating for me when I had to deal with people new to the environment who are not devs nor designers and love to comment away like they are on Facebook. Some even get a bit confrontational when I try to tell them that these prototypes are not for making the types of comments they are making. They don't realize that I am the owner and I don't appreciate their trolling.

I would be great if I could add disclaimers to the prototype. I have a template. And also if I could have a blacklist.

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  • Daniel Galan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1. Yes. The prototype link is openly shared so that basically anyone can access the prototype and discuss the design details with their group. I don't want to be maintaining the gatekeeping to access the prototypes.

    2. I don't wish to ban users from seeing the prototype. I just would like to be able to manually block those users who do not know how to properly comment, or their feedback is not sought after, and are commenting too much. As I said, I could try reasoning with them, but some users get confrontational because, in general, they just don't understand how to behave online.

  • AdminKate Eom (Product Manager, Adobe) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Daniel, this sounds frustrating experience. Can I ask a few follow up questions?
    1. How do these these non-core audience get the prototype link? Is your prototype link shared openly to people outside the design-dev circle?
    2. Would you like to limit who can view the prototype so that people who you don't expect to provide feedback cannot view the prototype? (So that they can't even comment.) Or do you still need to share the prototype link outside of design-dev team members?

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