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    bug-needs-more-info  ·  8 comments  ·  Adobe XD: Bugs (Read-Only)  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    Tom Wilkins commented  · 

    I get the exact same issues on any size document.

    Step by step is below:

    1. Create a 1280px document
    2. Click tick box next to layout
    3. Type 16 into columns
    4. Tab or click to gutter width, set to 20
    5. Column width goes italic, then set to 60
    6. Gutter width sets to 3 from 20
    7. Side margins at 137
    8. Set gutter width back to 20
    9. Width changes to 44
    10. Side margins change to 138
    11. Now try a different approach for a straight up 1280px grid within the 1280px document.
    12. Change side margins to 20px.
    13. Side margin forces itself to choosing options for each margin.
    14. Left auto sets to 32, right remains 20.
    15. Gutter width is still 20
    16. Column width is now 58 (which is correct). But it is in italics so the moment I click it, it changes to
    17. Now margins change to 32 whenever you change the other one to 20.

    Also trying to set a 1140px grid within a 1280px document is impossible. The calculations and correct checks on the figures you put in just change it before you have chance to put in your calculated details.

    For example a 1140px grid within a 1280px document is this:

    16 Columns
    74px margins right and left
    Gutter width 20px
    Column width 52px

    But if I go down the fields on XD, put in 16. Fine.
    Put in 20px gutter width. Fine.
    Then put in column width 52px. Fine.
    Then put in margin width at 74px. Not so fine. The margins all become editable, the left margin goes to 89px and right remains at 74px. Then the gutter width has changed to 19px.
    Change it back to both margins the same at 74px. And it reverts to changing the left one to 89px.
    Then both gutter width and column width change.
    Then you get stuck in an endless loop of it calculating different sizes when you change one of the fields to the amounts that you know are correct.

    It's an absolute nightmare.

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