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Firefox: links in broswer view are shifted when artboard is to long.

Version of Adobe XD:

Steps to reproduce the issues:
- Create two artboards
- Make the first artboard at least 5000px tall and add an element to it
- Link the entire artboard to the other artboard
- Save, then publish a prototype
- Open the link in Firefox
- Hover around the first artboard and you will find that the right side and bottom of the artboard is not linked (no pointer cursor).

If the artboard is around 3400px tall or shorter the link does not shift. It seems that as soon as the artboard goes taller than around 3400px all the links start to shift up and to the left. This does not seem to happen in Chrome, but does in Edge and Firefox.

Public link to test: https://xd.adobe.com/view/2c605a88-2f22-4045-5c7d-b72d32127619-5a51/

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Greetings Colin:

Thanks for the detailed steps + XD file!

I did some looking and here’s what I found. On the prototype you share, I am able to reproduce the problem you state. When opening the file in XD, I noticed that you had vertical scrolling enabled on both artboards. On the home artboard viewport was set to the height of the artboard (5000). I changed that to be 1080 and now when looking at the published prototype the bottom right shows that it has a link to another artboard. However, I do notice that along the right edge there’s a buffer where it doesn’t trigger the hand pointing cursor. https://xd.adobe.com/view/48fba056-d3c5-41bd-622d-907681ca931a-3eca/ (added a shape at the bottom right for visual reference).

Looking into it more but hope the above helps in case you’re working with taller than 3400px artboards.

Adobe XD


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    Hello, when we are generating webpage designs that are very long in height, the prototype gets cut off at a certain point and even exporting the image gets cut off as well. What we are doing is showing a client options for sections on a page template, which is why the page is super long.

  • Colin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for looking into this further. It would be great to have this fixed up.


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