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Transitions between overlays "blink" the screen

As I transition from one overlay to another, even setting transition to none, the screen blinks making it harder to folow the flow as is should (a wizard or onboarding for an example wich could be a modal with several steps)

The following prototype shows this issue https://xd.adobe.com/view/f5c76125-8e6f-49e5-4719-90618721ed12-83f6/

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  • Kaue Lima commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey Nina, here is the video of the issue. Recorder on a Macbook Air (mid2013) with High Sierra. The same behavior occurs on a similar machine with Sierra or on all windows machines tested (mine atm is a Dell gaming with a up to date gtx960m running on Windows 10)

    All the tests where conducted in the built in displays but also with external displays in some cases and the issue is the same. As I said earlier, the issue does not look like a graphics problem.


  • Kaue Lima commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey Nina! Thanks for the quick response ;)

    I've tested this on
    several machines and OSs all with the same issue. It looks like the
    issue is more like with how transitions on overlays are dealt with than
    on a specific rendering of the page. Let me clarify for you that when I
    have all artboards loaded the issue is very less noticeable.

    try to explain myself better. First of all, let's compare how a regular
    transition behaves side to side with overlay transitions:

    Simple transition: https://xd.adobe.com/view/b9b0cc36-b31d-497c-7591-c860df00287b-cf81/
    Overlay transition: https://xd.adobe.com/view/f5c76125-8e6f-49e5-4719-90618721ed12-83f6/

    looks like when you do a simple transition, the screens have what looks
    like a "Cross Dissolve" in Premiere terms, the Screen 2 is overlayed on
    Screen 1 with 0% opacity and gradually fades to 100% (if transition is
    set to "none" this will be stepped and not a gradual transition). This
    way, only the new or updated elements look like they are changing.

    an overlay transition what seems to happen is that Screen 1 fades from
    100% to 0% and just when it's gone the Screen 2 starts to fade from 0%
    to 100% (again on a single frame if the transition is set to "none").

    I hope that with that you can see the difference between the two! Let me know if you need some more documentation. ATM I'm on my work machine (windows) but I can do a screen recording if needed on my personal machine (mac) when I get home. Thanks again for the response!

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