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Opacity slider changes when typing a value in W, H, X, Y input boxes

The opacity slider changes when you select the W, H, X, or Y input boxes and type a value. This issue has existed for some time (Windows OS) and is really annoying.

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  • AdminRandy Edmunds (Software Engineer, Adobe) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    If you select an item on canvas, then typing numbers is the shortcut for the opacity command. For example, if you type 3, then opacity is changed to 30%. If you type fast, then you can type something like 25 to get 25% opacity.

    In the PI, if you change the value of a field and then hit Tab or click in another field, the value is committed and focus stays in the PI. If you hit Enter, the value is committed and focus is returned to canvas (so typing any numbers at this point affects opacity).

    Does that help to explain what you are seeing?

  • Vlad Malik commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have this issue with the latest XD as of Dec. 12/18.

    The problem I think has to do with the mouse movement. For example, if I want to change font size, I can click into the font size input field and move the mouse up and down to increase or decrease the value in the input.

    I think this is triggered by accident when users click an input field. Moving the mouse slightly on the y-axis causes the input to lose focus. Then the user starts typing thinking the focus is till in the input. Instead XD for some reason defaults to changing the opacity.

    For me this is very reproducible.

    1. Create a new text node with value "hello"
    2. Click inside font size input field
    3. Click and drag down or up to increase the font size
    4. Release mouse to apply the new font size
    5. Now type 18
    6. Opacity should change to 18

    So I see 2 problems:
    1. If you do this quickly, you can lose focus on an input field too easily due to y-axis movement (preventing user from being able to modify that value)
    2. Opacity seems to be the default thing XD changes when focus is lost (causing user to have to undo opacity if they even notice)

    I run into this many times throughout the day, though now that I've figured out what's causing it, I'm more careful when clicking inputs and ensure the focus is active.

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