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  1. [Windows] Adobe Illustrator imported .svg with images dragged and dropped into Xd is offset and tiled.

    Xd Version: Beta, CS
    Adobe Illustrator Version : 21.1.0 (64-bit)
    Windows 10 Home
    Version 1703
    OS Build 15063.608

    Method 1 (Drag and Drop from Browser)
    1. Create rectangle 400x400
    2. Open any browser. Locate a .jpg image
    3. Drop and drag image onto 400x400 rectangle
    4. Select artboard
    5. Export artboard as .svg (embed image)
    6. Open Adobe Illustrator
    7. Open exported .svg in Adobe Illustrator

    see Ai_OpenSVG.png

    The image's 0,0 (top Left) co-ordinate is offset

    Expected Result
    see MS_Edge.png

    Browser Checklist
    Displaying as Expected : Internet Explorer
    Displaying as Expected : Microsoft Edge
    Displaying as Expected…

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    We have a feature in our backlog to improve the SVG export wrt transformations. The Illustrator team will likely improve their SVG import as well so that in the future these offset problems will be gone.


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