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  1. HDMI Mirroring renders XD unsuable

    Whenever I plug an HDMI cable to present a design from XD, all XD windows' canvases become gray, and I can't interact with anything from the canvas. Only XD application have this issue, as I can use all other applications fine.

    And when im using 'Extended Desktop' feature, XD is fine on my laptop, but moving the window to the other display makes the canvas gray as well.

    It's worth noting that this started for me few months back, however amongst my peers, only I seem to be affected.

    I wasn't sure if it was Adobe's fault or not. and…

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  2. XD not starting after laptop shut down due to low battery

    I was working on a XD file when my computer shut down due to running too low on battery. I had the file saved just before this happens. However, having the laptop (Surface Pro) plugged in now, XD would not start correctly. It would remain on the start screen where I should be able to select from the recent files but i cannot click on any tile and the window closes entirely shortly after. Same happens if I try to open XD from the Creative Cloud pannel. When I double click on the xd file I have saved on my…

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    Hiya Elisabeth (just noticed I spelled your name incorrectly previously – apologies!) Really appreciate the additional investigation on your part.

    For updating drivers, here’s some info:

    Depending on which graphic card you have, it would be good to check the manufacturer for newer drivers as the MS site may not have the latest. You can check in Device Manager,

    For the file, unfortunately the file cannot be recovered from the published prototype, this is a separate file type. However, if the file was saved to Creative Cloud files, there should be a copy available.

    I’m looking at the error log and see the file was saved in drive G:\ – were you collaborating with someone else on this design? I have seen where sometimes more than one user makes edits to the file on a shared location can result in this scenario.

    With this message “Unable to open…

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