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Please make this a viable and fully usable Adobe product, not a shell of what it could be.

Symbols not being on Windows first release. UI Kits being left out of the same, as well as layers panel and launch screen. The fact that individual items in a symbol (for navigation and menus for example) can not be individually linked to separate places...and that option having the ability to toggle for global or individual editing... is absurd.

The benefits for using Adobe products...are that they behave like and interact with other adobe products. So far, this is only happening an a fairly limited basis. :/

The more I play with this...the more I'm considering buying another Mac and using other tools that are already leaps ahead of this one... and just hope that you guys catch up and don't tank this project.

The major 'competitor' in this arena is already light years ahead...and the launches are coming out swinging this softly? Don't rest on your name, or it will begin to mean very little. Myspace was a mammoth, but gave way to Facebook. Yahoo was king, but fell to Google. (interesting story ties those two comparisons together, actually).

I'm not saying that someone is going to come in and take your full userbase... but Bit... by Bit... there will be someone to rise to take something. The guys that start with "S" already have this project dead to rights.

Now, I want to see an adobe product that blows them out of the water. I want to see this be the best product for this. But just like Windows Mobile...they dipped their toes in and lost them to sharks in stead of jumping in and killing the sharks.

Think of the money and wasted hours if you don't give this a 100%.
Users are waiting on this to get to a point worth using it. Users are using it lightly, waiting to see if you'll really improve.

I'll give it another month.

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Definitely appreciate the sentiment behind this, but I’m closing this suggestion as a general one. We’ve seen a lot of features roll in over the past two years. Please do upvote ideas that are specific to your needs so that we can better prioritize!

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    We are committed to adding value to the XD platform every month, so, over time we will continue to add functionality. Right now, we are focused on getting the Windows build on parity with the Mac version, so, you'll see lots of improvements on Windows month to month.

    Joan Lafferty
    Product Manager

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