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Layers, default menus, type and rulers

1. When you play your interactions, if you have a screen that is longer than the screen proportions, the height will adapt to the screen, leaving you with a narrower interface. This happens invariably with mobile and desktop interfaces. When you share the link, the link allows you to scroll on mobile but on desktop it still adapts to the height, not allowing you to scroll.

Solution: it would be great to have a fit to width option

2. You can’t animate an overlay. Say with the hamburger menu, in order to have a menu that opens and closes on each page, you would have to create a custom hamburger for each page, which is extremely time-consuming.

Solution: create layers that can be animated/having the option of having a default menu bar with its own animations, that you could link to all pages and it would keep being the same every time.

3. Character preferences are not advanced (can’t modify the line-height for example), and there is no way to modify the paragraph options either. We would like to design directly in Xd but the options are not developed enough yet.

Solution: add options for paragraph and character formatting

4. There are no rulers or grid options

Solution: implement a grid

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Please file each feature request individually, to keep the list tidy and so others can upvote the specific features they’re interested in.

I think everything listed here is covered by other feature requests already. Please upvote these if they fit:

1. Scrolling tall artboards — this feature is now supported
2. Menus and other overlays – With animation –
3. Improved character styling — line-height is now supported. A number of other specific feature requests have already been filed here, so please search out the specific ones you’re interested in and upvote those.
4. Grid snapping is now supported. Column/margin/gutter style grid systems – Manually created guide lines –

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